The Lauswolt Open 2021 will take place during September 30, October 1, 2 and 3

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Lots of price money, WAGR points and a wildcard for the Pro Golf Tour to win



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Amateurs sing up through the site, PGA professionals via

1, 2 oktober en finale op 3 oktober.

Inschrijven voor 18 september.
Maximale handicap 8.0.
Inschrijfgeld € 80,--
Bij overschrijving doen laagste handicappers mee.

niet lauswolt amateurs
1, 2 oktober en finale op 3 oktober.

Inschrijven voor 18 september.
Maximale handicap 6.0.
Inschrijfgeld € 110,--
Bij overschrijving doen laagste handicappers mee.

niet lauswolt amateurs

The Lauswolt Open

A Unique Tournament

The Lauswolt Open on September 30, October 1, 2 and 3

Since we were unable to organize the Lauswolt Open tournament in 2020, 2021 is the year of the 5th edition.

This golf tournament is every year a party for our golf club. It is a tournament where golf professionals compete against the best amateurs in the Netherlands, both for women and men.

In 2021 we will take the tournament again to a higher level. We are expanding it from 36 to 54 holes. So, the ladies and men start on Friday September 30. The entire field will then compete for two days for the coveted final places on Sunday October 3. The 39 best men and the 18 best women (plus everyone within 10 strokes of the leaders) will survive this cut and can go after the prizes.

Besides the honor of victory, there is a battle for prize money for the pros and great prizes for the amateurs. The extension to 54 holes will allow amateurs to earn WAGR points for the world ranking. Of course, we are also curious this year: will the pros win or the amateurs?

The Lauswolt Open stands for Topgolf in Friesland: a challenging tournament for pros and top amateurs, for both women and men. The tournament will be played in 2021 on May 7, 8 and 9. *

The NGF has done its best to give our tournament a place on the calendar in the coming years, without conflicting at the same time with the competition finals. We therefore hope for an even closer battle between the pros and the amateurs, as the pros have been winning in all editions sofar.

In 2019, the Lauswolt Open was the PGA Holland tournament with the highest price money. This year the total amount of prize money will increase again. So a big thank you to Golfclub Lauswolt, the sponsors, the NGF and the PGA. Of course, also a big thank you to the greenkeeper team, the volunteers and most definitely the participants. In recent years, the tournament has been played in beautiful weather, so hopefully that tradition will continue.

Good to Know

After hard work on the course, there is a BBQ on Friday for every participant in the Lauswolt Open. Players can participate for free. If your partner or other relative wants to eat with you, that’s possible: the costs are € 17.50 per person. Please inform the person at the competition table if you have guests who you would like to join at the BBQ. Due to the many participants, there are two BBQ "time slots": one from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM and one from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM. Please indicate your preference for which BBQ time at the competition table on Friday.

Award ceremony
The final will be played on Sunday 9 May. The awards ceremony for the ladies and men will take place shortly after the final group finishing.

The golf club has its own car park, which can be recognized by a large white flag with "Golf" on it. On Fridays and Saturdays there is also parking in the meadow opposite the entrance of the golf club car park. You can also park your car there free of charge.

Changing rooms
In the central hall of the clubhouse you can take the stairs down to the changing rooms with toilets and showers.

Driving Range
You can hit unlimited balls on the driving range. No coins are needed for this.

Tournement sponsors

These sponsors help make the Lauswolt Open possible. Would you also like to become a sponsor of the tournament? Mail to [email protected]

Practice Round

It is of course possible to come and play with us in preparation for the Lauswolt Open. We have many options. Call the reception of the golf club on working days.

There will be no pre-play on Thursday September 30, under penalty of disqualification, unless you have been invited to participate in the Pro-Am.

You can of course practice with us all year round for this great tournament. So come once earlier than in the week of the Lauswolt Open. The pre-play rate for amateurs is € 41,--. Pros can play for free upon presentation of their PGA pass.

Play along with the Funky Thursday

Or the Pro-Am!

Before the exciting golf competition at the Lauswolt Open tournament starts, we offer our friends of the Lauswolt Open the opportunity to participate in a golf competition on Thursday September 30. There will be a Pro-Am (18 holes) and the Funky Thursday (9 holes).

The Pro-Am is the opportunity to play an 18-holes match together with one of the best professionals in the Netherlands, as a team.

After this fun team match, there is a joint diner with drinks and music in the clubhouse.

The costs for the Pro-Am, including catering and the golf pro, are € 1,100 per team of 3 amateurs. You can register until October 1 2021 via [email protected].

Funky Thursday
On the Thursday we also organize a crazy 9-hole competition. This competition is open to all golfers, members, non-members and any guests with a handicap of 54 or lower. You can register individually or as a team.

After this fun match with obstacles and unusual game forms, there is a joint diner with drinks and music in the clubhouse.

The costs for this Funky Thursday including catering are € 110 per person. € 50 of this will go to sponsor the Lauswolt Open. You can register until October 1 2021 via [email protected]


vorige winnaars

Mackenzie and Ebert

In 2014, the golf club decided our 18-hole golf course, known for its natural beauty, needed an update to remain challenging. The renowned track architects Mackenzie and Ebert were brought in and since 2016 the new lay-out is being played.

Many fairway bunkers have been added, longhitters have to take this into account with their teeshot. The many bunkers ensure the holes unfold even more beautifully for the player and require even more course management. Hole 14 and 6 were modified by adding more water to the game and thus making the course more challenging.

And just so you know, 6 of the 10 courses where The Open is being held, have been taken care of by these designers: